About Us

Nick is a qualified chartered accountant who served for 13 years as Finance Director of the largest Portuguese cruise ship operator, Classic International Cruises ("CIC").

Working alongside CIC`s owner, George Potamianos, Nick played a key role in successfully financing, building up and operating a fleet of 5 cruise vessels, including the emblematic M/V Funchal, all flying the Portuguese (Madeira) flag.

George is a shipmanagement professional with a Master`s degree in Law with Distinction (University of Liverpool) who has a diverse international experience and knowledge of shipping, marine insurance, crew and port operations.

George worked alongside shipowner George P. Potamianos and Nick Heaton at Classic International Cruises ("CIC") and has handled on behalf of the operator the largest maritime insurance incident in recent Portuguese history.

George has also served in the Greek navy and is a trained seaman.
Petros G. Potamianos carries a long family tradition in shipping that goes back four generations.

He is an electrical engineer and currently serves as technical consultant at STARPORT.

Petros has vast technical and shipping experience that ranges from ship repairs to technical management, having previously acted as technical consultant to Classic International Cruises.
Our Objective
Our objective is to provide a full range of top class shipping services under one roof at a competitive price.
Our Vision
Our vision is for Starport to function as a catalyst and vehicle for progress in the Portuguese maritime industry.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide shipowners with high quality shipmanagement and port agency services, P&I claims management, as well as a range of related services such as technical surveys and cost reviews.